Monday, December 5, 2016

Parallels Between Historical and Modern Politics

A few days ago on Facebook, I had an interesting conversation about how I would like to see authors promote their work. Readers don’t want to see continual, “BUY MY BOOK” in their faces none stop. I love to see authors talk about their characters and drawing themes from their stories. Why did they write what they did and so on…? I did mention that readers do not like to see none stop political post from authors. I talked a little about that HERE and an interesting conversation sparked from this between two authors and myself.

One author said, “I think the posting about politics thing depends on the author and his/her genre. I choose not to because 1) I write Regency romances which have little to do with politics (at least not modern politics), and 2) I have always used books as an escape from stress (and what's more stressful that politics, particularly this year)? But if someone wrote contemporary political thrillers, talking about politics on social media would actually fit with his/her brand and book(s). I think readers in that genre would find that perfectly acceptable, too

Then the conversation about comparisons of politics from the past and the modern day sparked an interest from award winning Alison Morton who writes a fabulous post about the Third Reich for inspiration for her latest book, INSURRECTIO.

One of the passages in her post that caught my attention was this: "The backgrounds in the fictitious Roma Nova and 1930's Weimar Germany are different, but the ground is equally slippery under both. Weimar was caught between idealism, hide-bound and self-interested mindsets, economic and political instability."  To read Alison’s full post click HERE. I highly recommend you do.

Do you write Historical fiction or Alternate History? What are some of the politics themes you can draw from your story that we can compare to today’s modern politics?

Alison Morton is an award winning author of her Roma Nova series at indieBRAG!

Stephanie M. Hopkins


  1. Isn't it amazing what a few seconds' conversation sparks off? Although not always exactly parallel with prior events, political movements and developments today often mirror aspects of past ones and we'd be wise to learn from that. They also make terrific source material for writers!

    For INSURRECTIO, I needed a repressive regime that had taken power aggressively and terrorised the population very quickly. I needed a charismatic leader who was able to bring people along with him. I studied the Third Reich for my masters' and the example was right in front of me. Very rewarding to draw on all that research!

  2. A great prompt, Stephanie. I'm thinking about the political climate of my latest novel which could translate rather well to today's context.