Thursday, April 5, 2012

Discovering the Diamond by Helen Hollick and with Jo Field

This book is full of suggestions and examples of how to write a story, get published, to sell and promote your book. This this perfect for writers who are starting out.

For example, Helen shows how to write about third or first person correctly in a story, which I found very useful. She also gives her honest and critical opinion about self-publishing which we all need to hear.

She gives warnings about companies who are frauds and what to look for. Also, gives great advice on publishing E-books and so on.  Helen writes realistic, insightful, honest and sound advice which is refreshing.

As a book reviewer I found this useful for writing my reviews and for my own creative writing. This will be my go-to book for tips and such.


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  1. Thank you Stephanie - I so hope my modest suggestions can help new writers achieve their dream of writing a good book!