Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The King Stag by Author David Pilling

Edward II is deposed, presumed murdered, and the usurpers Mortimer and Isabella rule England with an iron grip. But the young King, Edward III, is now a man grown and thirsts for power...who will emerge truimphant and rule alone as the King Stag?

The year is 1331, five years on from the events in Folville’s Law. Sir John Swale and Elizabeth Clinton have forged a new life in exile, but Swale longs to return home. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in England as rival factions threaten a renewal of civil war.

David Pilling

I rated this book four stars! This is the second book to a wonderful series! I was completely immersed with Folville's Law and The King Stag! I look forward to reading the third book, Exiles, soon!

Review for The King Stag coming soon!

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