Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Tip for Self-Publishing Authors: Cover Designs

The design of a book cover is so important for first impressions.It tells me the author cares for a strong presentation of their book. It also shows the author took the time and energy, before rushing to publish. A good cover invites one to open it and to explore it’s pages.

When a reader is in a bookstore, browsing the shelves, the first things they see is the cover. I have to admit I have come across some horrid book covers that turned me off completely to buying the book. I suggest finding a graphic designer who designs covers for writers. I know many of you complain about the cost and such. But if you are going to write a book and want to have it published and do’re going to have to be willing to spend the money. It’s a tough business out there, so you might as well do it right the first time.

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