Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Is In A Name?

When reading a story, I am always wondering how the writers came up with the name for their characters. Now, historical fiction, I get. Except maybe for the fictional characters thrown in. Does the writer look on the internet, billboards, name their characters after friends, favorite actor, family or foe? Or do the names just pop in their heads? I wonder if some writers come up with the name from the personalities of their characters. That would be cool. Or do they take an on-line survey? As you can see, there are endless ways to come up with names…

Whatever the reason, this is just one of the many thoughts on my mind in the world of a writer and reader.

For myself, I write alternate history, so I use names of Historical figures.  Okay, okay, I use names that have always appealed to me or of names of people I’ve come across growing up as well. Names of girls I wish my mother named me or who I despised. Names of boys I disliked with a passion or had a crush on. Hey, at least I can admit this out loud in a VERY public way.  

Do you often wonder how writers come up with names?

Stephanie M. Hopkins

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  1. For foreign names, I go to name websites. Soon to be published novel has a lot of Norwegian names. I chose a batch in the beginning from reading 1950s tales of the war and occupation, but interviews led to more names. Another novel has Hawaiian names.