Friday, April 8, 2016

New Book Release: Tempest by David Cook

TEMPEST has received this fabulous review from Jim Stempel, the author of seven books, including Windmill Point released in March, 2016 by Penmore Press. He has this to say:

''It is February, 1797, and the French are up to great mischief along the southwestern coast of Wales. At Fishguard – a sleepy fishing village featuring a small harbor where a stone fort looms above – a force of some 1500 of the French Black Legion is rowed ashore disguised in British uniforms, dyed dark brown for purposes of deception. Sent by the French Directory, and led by the ex-patriot American, Colonel William Tate, their objective is to generate a general revolt against the king’s authority in the region. The mission’s progress, however, has been watched closely by Major Lorn Mullone, an Irish officer in the British Army of considerable experience, who has accurately gauged the true and sinister purpose of the landing.

Thus begins Tempest, David Cook’s sixth entry in his Soldier Chronicles Novella Series, and as Major Mullone rides into Fishguard, the reader rides with him into a seething cauldron of international intrigue, regional animosities, and personal vendetta that all soon conjoin to explode in violence. Cook, a master of the time period, brings this true story to life with a historian’s eye for the facts coupled with an artist’s fine touch. His scenes of battle are gripping and accurate, just as his descriptions of the Welch countryside – the wildlife, vegetation, and the locals themselves – are wonderfully evocative of both time and place. Indeed, it is Cook’s skillful juxtaposition of these disparate elements that brings Tempest to life for the reader, ultimately vaulting this fascinating story from the realm of mere historical fiction into that far rarer sphere of true art. For anyone interested in a vivid and captivating tale of international intrigue during the Napoleonic era, Tempest is highly recommended.''

Author Bio:

David Cook has been interested in history since his school days, and developed a love for the Napoleonic Wars era from his father, who painted and amassed a lead model army of the Battle of Waterloo. From there David became fascinated with The American Civil War, The English Civil Wars and English medieval history, particularly the legend of Robin Hood. David is writing a novel entitled The Wolfshead, a story of Robin Hood, but based on the original medieval ballads as the source.

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