Monday, November 7, 2016

Historical Mysteries At Its Best!

The Sin Eater by David Penny has just been awarded the B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree and I am really curios about it. This story looks seriously good! Adding it to my wish-list! For more information about David Penny and his other books click here. Be sure to check out other posts by me at my WordPress here! Happy reading!


Moorish Spain, 1484, and no-one is innocent.

Thomas Berrington, emigre Englishman who has made the doomed city of Garnatah his home, is once again attempting to solve a series of mysterious deaths. Accompanied by his companion, the palace eunuch Jorge, Thomas struggles to discover the truth while those in power seek to distract him. As his investigation continues, his personal life splinters into chaos and he finds the Spanish once more demanding his presence.

As Thomas and Jorge draw closer to their quarry, the killer’s attention turns on them and those they love. The pair must race to unmask the sin eater before the lives of those close to them become forfeit.

The Sin Eater is the follow up to The Red Hill and Breaker of Bones, stunning historical mysteries set in a time and place coloured by intrigue and battle.

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