Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review Oleanna by Julie Rose

Reading Oleanna was like taking a breath of fresh air. Julie has crafted a compelling story that takes place in Norway in 1905 and evokes a strong tie between a family and everyday life of the farm they work and live on. She also creates a strong sense of place and culture that blends beautifully with the story.

Oleanna and her sister Elisabeth are the last of their family. The remaining two brothers have left for America, leaving them behind. The farm is all the sisters really have ever known and the world around them is changing before their eyes. On the border of their farm arrives a man named Anders. Oleanna and him share a bond. Will Oleanna and Anders find their place in the world together or will they give in to the grief they have both known and be lost to each other forever? To find out, I highy recommend reading this captivating story.

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