Thursday, May 10, 2012

Betrayal by Michele Kallio

Interview with Michele Kallio-June 4th

When you read a story this good, you always wonder if the next book will compare.

Lydia a modern day women who lives in Canada with her boyfriend begins to experience dreams after her father’s death. Dreams of another time, place, and about a women whom she soon discovers her name, Elisabeth Beeton, a servant of Anne Boleyn during the time of King Henry VIII in sixteenth century England.

Lydia desperately wants to know why she is having these dreams and what they mean. Meanwhile her mother’s (who passed away) family who lives in England has been searching for her and makes contact. After receiving her mother’s journal from her aunt and uncle in England, Lydia comes to realize this might be the key to solve why she is having these dreams. While her relationship with her boyfriend hangs in the balance she goes to England to solve this mystery and to unite with her mother’s family.

The premise for this story is fascinating and the transition between present-day and the sixteenth century is masterfully done. The character building is excellent and the story leading up to Anne Boleyn execution is so believable, one might actually think these events could have happen this way. I highly recommend this novel to all who loves historical fiction with a contemporary flare.


  1. I love dual story-lines! Looks like a great read!! :-)
    I'd like to enter the L&L contest for the paperback copy, since I don't have an e-reader.