Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To Succeed in Self-Publishing by Layered Pages

I will be sharing four key elements that I believe makes for a successful book that is self-published. There are so many wonderful and potentially wonderful stories out there that need help to succeed and as a book reviewer my aim is for that to happen.

1.      Editing: I have read so many books that were poorly edited or not edited at all. It is one of the most important aspects of publishing to have your book edited. Many writers say they don’t have the money for an editor. If you are a writer and want your book to succeed, then you must have an editor and be willing to put out the money to do so.

2.      Cover design: I believe it is important to have a good cover design to catch the reader’s eye. Yes, you will have to hire a graphic designer but it is well worth it to do so.

3.      Book Reviews: It is vital to use book reviewers instead of using just family and friends to review your book. You need someone (such as me) who will be objective and who will give you their honest opinion-putting your pride aside- is vital to make it succeed. Also, have your fellow authors review your book is a wonderful idea to.

4.      Marketing: Social Media is a great way to promote your book. There are so many options we have available to us. Book blogs, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, IndieBRAG, Historical Novel Society and so on…Don’t limit your-self to just one site. Also, contact your local bookstores for book signings. That is a great way to promote.

Layered Pages


  1. Good advice Stephanie! All I would add is don't market "in your face" - the quickest way to NOT sell a book is by putting on Twitter "buy my book". Market yourself as a nice person to chat to, then people will be interested in you - and consequently, your book.
    Also Editing is not just checking the spelling and punctuation. A good editor will help sort the technical side of writing a book - basically, is it readable!
    If you want to be regarded as a professional author, then produce your book professionally.

  2. Thank you Helen! I completely agree with your advice!

  3. L.J. Sellers is a multi published (both self and tradtionally) author who said to expect to pay at least $600 to self publish with professional editing and cover design.
    Excellent advice and points. Thanks!