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Spitfire by Jack DuArte

Spitfire is a thrilling third installment in Jack DuArte’s World War II Series. The setting is Great Britain in 1940, we meet Flight Lieutenant Anthony Nelson as he flies valiantly in the Royal Air Force. The RAF are in the heat of battle with the Luftwaffe bomber and fighter pilots and are giving ole Jerry a run for their money. In the middle of it all Nelson’s younger brother Fletcher joins the 54 Squadron, Anthony becomes fearful of nepotism. As events unfold they both find out that they are in love, which is great, but they are in love with the same women. As the book nears a close the reader will be flying through the pages of this final installment in the Spitfire series.

Spitfire is a book about real historic events and the phenomenal men who fought to protect their country in a time of war. Though some parts of the novel were slow to read, it is obvious that Jack DuArte researched this book thoroughly. The masterful writing abut training and different episodes of flying the Spitfires during missions supplied the reader with a real glimpse into what life was like for pilots during World War II. The life at Hornchurch was penned brilliantly by DuArte. The love triangle between Anthony, Fletcher, and Prudence offered break in some of the more tactical aerial flying scenes. I would have liked the romance to be more developed and incorporated more into the story. Overall I thought that the novel was a good ending to the series.

I am giving this book three stars.
Rachel Massaro
Layered Pages Review Team Member
Echoes from Home by Jim Carey

Echoes from Home, the first novel from Jim Carey, chronicles the life of a confederate soldier. I was expecting a very different novel from the one I read, but enjoyed the story all the same. The book reads like a memoir, mainly from the perspective of Joshua. The writing is well done and, in truth, at one point I felt the need check if this book was based on the letters of a real life civil war solider. The plot begins just before the war breaks out and much of the story takes place in the trenches (so to speak). Carey does a lovely job of weaving in Joshua’s relationships with his family, sweetheart, best friend, and even the family’s slaves. The story of Joshua Miller’s life is at times both heartbreaking and inspiring. War stories are not the genre of book that I would typically seek out, however I liked this book and found I gained a new perspective on the Civil War while reading. I would recommend this to people interested in war stories, the Civil War specifically, and historic romance. 

Layered Pages Review Team Member
Charlotte: Pride and Prejudice Continues by Karen Aminadra
Charlotte nor Mr. Collins was never a favorite character of mine in Pride and Prejudice and so I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up this book to read. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Karen Aminadra brings you a story of Charlotte Lucas who needed to secure her future and marries Mr. Collins. Who is cousin to the Bennett’s and a minister who is extremely annoying with his fawning over his patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Due to his behavior and Catherine’s interference, he and Charlotte begin to have problems with their marriage.

Meanwhile, Charlotte forms close friendships with the people in the village and sees the misery of people around her due to Lady Catherine. Charlotte must make an important decision regarding if she will stay or return to live with her parents.

In the end I found that I actually liked Mr. Collins and his behavior to be understandable in many ways. One of them being, he had a difficult childhood.

Charlotte was getting herself in a sticky situation that left me thinking, “What in the world is she doing?!” But in the end she puts things to right and I began to like and cheer for her.

This continuation of Jane Austen’s story was enjoyable, entertaining and I found humorous in parts of the story. Aminadra’s voice and language of her characters was right on for this period and gives you a Jane Austen feel. I believe Austen would be proud of Aminadra’s characterization of Lady Catherine the most.

If you are a Jane Austen fan, I highly recommend this story!
Layered Pages review Team Leader

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