Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: The Cross and The Dragon by Kim Rendfeld

The Cross and The Dragon is a tale of love in an era where war and blood feuds plague Francia in 778. Alda is a willful fifteen year old who has fallen for Hruodland  a prince in the King’s court. With a vow of vengeance hanging in the air from Hrouland’s sworn enemy Ganelon, King Charles army invades Hispania. Alda wants to keep her beloved from harm, she gives him a charmed dragon amulet that she wears from her homeland. Can the amulet keep her beloved safe? Will Ganelon have his revenge on his enemy?

The Cross and The Dragon is the magical journey of love and war. The story is beautifully written, inspired by legend, and thoroughly researched, The Cross and The Dragon is a must read for all those who enjoy historical fiction. For those who normally wouldn’t pick up an historical fiction novel, The Cross and The Dragon is a fast read that will captivate the reader. The story is addictive and I found myself not wanting to put the story down. The strong characters found in Alda, Hroudland, and their families command attention and put you right into the heart of Francia and King Charles court. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the The Cross and The Dragon Rendfeld has created a historical fiction masterpiece. I look forward to reading the books that she writes in the future!

I am giving this book 4.5 stars!

Rachel Massaro
Review Team Member

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