Thursday, October 11, 2012

Home by Richard Sutton

Science fiction was one of my first loves, and it was so wonderful to be able to delve back into my roots in this classic sci-fi adventure. Told through journal entries, we follow the struggles of a group of colonists on a new home planet.

I'm sure that I'm about to commit some kind of sci-fi blasphemy by likening Richard Sutton to Ray Bradbury, but it's true. This is not so much a blockbuster nail-biter. It's more about human nature at its best... and worst... and not strictly "human". Reminiscent of the Martian Chronicles.

I did have an issue with too many ellipses. I completely understand that pauses are common, especially when there is a language barrier, but it became a distraction, and did not taper off even long after the languages should have been learned.

Even with the ellipses, however, the world building made the story worth it. It's phenomenal! Sutton painted a picture of life on another planet, to the point of believablility. Awesome!

Lindsay Galloway
Review Team Member

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