Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Roswell Redemption by Cindi Crane

Roswell Redemption explores the history of Roswell, Georgia through the story of Jade Hawkins and Carolyn Kane, two women who experience life in Roswell in vastly different times. The story follows Carolyn, a budding entrepreneur in present day Roswell as she unearths the story of Jade, a native Cherokee woman, and the path of her life through the early to mid-1800s.

The opening chapters of the book set a fast pace and Crane builds tension by placing the reader directly in Jade's shoes as events unfold and then moves to the contemporary storyline where the repercussions of those events are slowly unveiled through Carolyn's interactions with Jade's descendants. As the novel progresses, the focus is more firmly placed on the present-day storyline of Carolyn, losing some of the momentum and immediacy of Jade's story and its connection to Carolyn.

Toward the end, Jade's story comes to the forefront again, moving swiftly through the events of her adult life. Her experiences were filled with unusual relationships that were touched upon, but could have been explored further in their emotional implications and complexity.

One of the most compelling things about this book is the care taken in building a story around historical accuracy. The reader gets a sense of the town of Roswell and how it has changed over time. Roswell Redemption inhabits a less travelled section of historical fiction and gives us a window into a piece of Georgia's past.

Elizabeth Peterson Seidle
Review Team Member

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